Your questions answered

What do I need to know? What can I expect from working with you as a coach and mentor?

Ideally, I would like to meet with you face-to-face or via Zoom or Skype initially to ascertain what your desired outcome from our time together is. During our first conversation I will ask questions and actively listen to you to maximize our time together. After I have a better understanding of who you are and your goals, we will formulate a plan specifically crafted just for you. Together, we will embark on this plan to ignite your inner light and work together to actualize the amazing changes you want to see in your life.

What is your coaching style?

I am both compassionate and collaborative in my approach. I will help you tick the boxes of your personal checklist as we work together to help you reach your goals. I believe in creating an atmosphere in which you can grow across all aspects of your life by honoring your spirit as we work through areas that may appear scary or difficult to talk about. I will offer you a guiding hand while supporting you at every stage of your journey to content and fulfilling life.

What is coaching?

Coaching consists of working with a broad range of tools to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. It teaches you to delete limiting decisions and beliefs about yourself, your life, and the people around you. It empowers your emotional state by creating encouraging thoughts that will release negativity that holds you back from being the best version of yourself.

What do you charge for your time?

$150 (USD) per hour, and I generally work with my clients over a 10- 16-week period.

How often would we meet?

Usually, once a week for an hour is enough for people to make positive changes. This schedule can be tailored to better suit you with more frequent or infrequent sessions, depending on your goals. I advise we allow a minimum of two days between sessions to allow you to process and implement your learnings.